Smart Silence

Silence your phone automatically based on your current location.

Getting started

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This guide will help to use Smart Silence app for Android.

There are 3 steps to add a profile.

Step 1:

Touch add to add a new profile.



Give a name for the profile.



Touch OK to continue



Step 2:

Enter an address to search for a location. (Press Enter to begin search)



Use the slider to set the radius where you want the profile to be activated.

(You can tap anywhere on the map to set a new location and then set the radius)



Touch Next to continue.



Step 3:

Select profile type.

Vibrate only: Sets vibrate mode to ON and mutes the ringer.

Silent Mode: Mutes the ringer and turns OFF vibrate mode.

Custom: You can set your desired volume levels for Ringer, Notification, Alarm.

(If you do wish to change any one of them, tap Don’t Change checkbox and it will not be changed)



Touch Done (tick) to confirm.(To cancel touch Cancel (cross).)



You will get Toast message stating “Geofence added successfully”



If you are using a phone with Android 2.3.x, use the menu button to show  options like Add,Next,Done as mentioned in the guide below.



To temporarily disable a profile, Long press it and choose disable

(To delete a profile,choose delete)





Enable the profile again, Long press and select Enable.


When you enter the location that is set, the profile associated with that location is selected. The phone will viibrate four times and a notifcation is shown on the phone.


When you exit that location, the previous setting will be restored.The phone will vibrate 4 times and a notification is shown.


If you have any questions or suggestions that you would like to share with us, please fell free to use the Contact form below.

Thank you for using Smart Silence

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